JW won the BEST HUNTER AWARD at the ICCE show in Kansas City this past September. This is his first award in the Hunter category. Tammy

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I have been in the welding/steel fabrication business since 1981. I have both shop and portable equipment. I build custom stairs, rails, gates and fencing, hand forged steel art, custom metal building, industrial contracting and repairs of all types.


Around 1998 I became interested in building hand forged knives. I joined the American Bladesmith Society and became a journeyman smith in 2001. In 2003 I was honored by becoming a Mastersmith. It was a major accomplishment for me. I love the challenge of designing different knife styles.

“I build bowies, folders, hunters and swords. My specialties include mosaic Damascus-both patterned and powder, and intricate inlays in pearl and ivory.”

“I have instructed at hammer-ins in Old Washington, Guadalupe hammer-ins in New Braunsfels Texas and the Mid America hammer-in in Ohio. Classes taught were silver and stainless sheaths, powder mosaics and patterned Damascus, forging, grinding and file work.”

“I also teach private classes at my shop several times a year. Classes taught are basic knifemaking, advanced knifemaking, handles and guards, basic and advanced Damascus, and silver and stainless sheaths.”


Contact Info:

J.W. Randall
11606 Keith Hall Road
Keithville, LA 71047


Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday-Friday
Call for an appointment

The shop is located just south of Shreveport