30 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press

I just finished building 2 30 ton hydraulic forging presses for Knifemakers. These are based on a design I built 18 years ago. The machine is a brute and will enhance any knife shop. It has a 5" bore and 8" stroke with a 22 GPM gear pump for a fast cycle time, the motor is a 5 h.p Leeson with a heavy duty control valve and a 12 gallon oil tank and micro filtered system. The machine has a positive lock system for die plates spring loaded bottom and gravity top lock. I've been using mine for 18 years and just recently replaced the control valve which is the first thing I've done to it in that time frame. And I have made literally thousands of pounds of steel under it.  You can contact me at 318/426-4007 if you are interested in ordering a press. Thanks for looking, JW