Spring KNIFEMAKING ClassES by JW Randall

The Damascus class is for building a strong foundation in patterning damascus. Students will learn many different face patterns. We will be forge welding and drawing under the 30 ton hydraulic press. Every student will be hands on and will produce 2 billets to take home. I am taking five students for this class. The dates are March 30 - April 1. There is only one spot left in the damascus class. You can contact me at 318/426-4007 for more details.


The Into class will start the day with hands on forging. I will take the knife that I forge over the next two and a half days to completion. I will cover types of steel, heat treat and tempering, grinding, hand sanding, design, guards, fittings, handles, pinning techniques and stenciling your name. The knife will go into a drawing and one of the five students will go home with it. The cost of the class is $800/man. I currently have three students enrolled with two spots available. The class is April 27 - April 29. You can contact me at 318/426-4007 for more details.